The Bay Area Black Pilot Association (BABPA) premotes aviation.  Our members
range from Non-Pilots to Airline Pilots and almost every walk of life in between.   
We know that in addition to the fun of being a pilot, the aviation industry provides
many career opportunities. Much of our attention is focused on getting young
people into in careers as pilots, mechanics, air traffic controller, managers, and
other careers in the aviation industry.  We spread this message by visiting local
schools, churches, social events, our airport open house, partnering with other
aviation organizations and youth organizations.  Our doors are open to anyone who
shares our vision.   
BABPA's core objectives.  Our guest speaker chronicled
the achievements of Dr. Lewis Jackson Director of Flight
Training at Tuskegee University during World War II.  Dr.
Jackson was an aviation innovator and much more.  Learn
about his life on the only video documentary of his life.  
This 26 minute video of BABPAs Christmas Dinner has Dr.
Jackosn life story.  You may view the video in a new
window by clicking on the following link to the video.

BABPA 2012 Christmas Dinner
Christmas Fund Raiser Saturday
December 13, 201
4, 6pm to 11 pm
Francesco's,  Oakland. Seating is
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Bay Area Black Pilots Association